‘I should have been born in another era’ is a phrase my husband has come to be well accustomed to. Is it just me, or is it kind of normal to have that feeling of living in the wrong time frame?

I can’t explain what I feel whenever I visit a medieval castle or town, or whenever I watch any movie or series involving that particular era. I find it to be such a simple, and genuine yet complicated and rich way of life. My kind of life.


Don’t get me started on the dresses!!

Recently, I also found myself wishing I could go back to the 17th-18th Century Scotland. It is definitely not medieval in any way, but I find the way of life was kind of similar, and probably even a little bit more interesting.

I guess if it really came down to it.. if a time travelling machine was actually invented.. and if I was given the option to really shift time zones by centuries… I would. I will definitely miss all the luxuries of this century, and all the technology..
Maybe I would hate it, and come back to the 21st century.. who knows..
Perhaps I love the idea so much now because it is mysterious and unknown to me..

Would you time travel if given the opportunity? If so, where to?

6 thoughts on “Time travel?

  1. Nice post. 🙂
    Times long ago definitely have a mixed feel of brutality and romantic gentility — and a more authentic way of living, but also less civilised.

    I’d be curious to go to Scotland in 1746 — to see how my Clan got on against the British government!


      1. ahh nice. Yeah I know so much about the Scottish history.
        I do not have a personal link, even though I wish I did kind of, but I am so interested in that culture (unexplained ‘pull’) 😊

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      2. Ah well, it’s enough to have a fondness and an interest, really. 🙂 Though maybe if you went back in your family tree you might find some Scots Highlanders — I know a few who have, and it explained their interest! 🙂

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