Snow, snow, and some more snow ❄️❄️❄️

The burning sun on my skin, the way those yellowish crumbly leaves look on the pavements, the feel of snow flakes falling down, or the smell of beautiful fragrant flowers…

I can’t seem to choose a season.

It has been a while since I was able to go walk out on the streets of Lausanne with only a light jacket, and the need for sunglasses! I missed it… but did I miss it because it wasn’t there for more than 3 months, or because I really like it and enjoy it the most? I mean I had a similar, maybe even stronger ‘happy’ feeling when the cold crawled in, and there was but a serene white layer covering the streets.

Am I more of ‘sun and warmth’ or ‘snow and cold’ person? As my husband likes to put it, am I a ‘vampire’ or a ‘werewolf’?

My husband, for instance, would be a ‘werewolf’. He is someone that needs the sun, the beaches, and the hot weather in his life. I sometimes think he might be Superman in disguise.. the way he suddenly becomes full of energy, and cheerful whenever the sun hits his face!

Once, on my way to work, I was asked by the driver a question that really got me thinking about that whole favourite season question..

If you had the option to live in 1 of two places, the first being a summery location with white sand beaches, lot’s of sun, and temperatures that don’t fall below 25oC, versus a snowy location all year round, with sunny days, and temperatures no higher than 15oC .. which would you choose?

After some thought, I gave him my answer.. and it really shocked him. I guess he was expecting me to go for the picturesque beaches, with the warm weathers, but in reality, I would much rather live ‘in the snow’, or simply the ‘cooler’ parts of the earth, even if no ‘white powder’ was involved.. I just love the feeling of that cold breeze on my face and skin.. I find it very refreshing. Not to forget all the warmth and coziness that ensues from it.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why I enjoy living in Switzerland.. it is mostly on the cooler part of the weather scale, and has so many amazing outdoor destinations to offer (with and without snow).

I think that makes me more of a vampire. Weird right?

Am I the only one in the world to feel that way?


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