During my ER shift yesterday night, and for the first time in my life, I had a patient who was deaf and mute. I always thought it would be difficult in such situations, given that i don’t know sign language. I mean, how was I going to be able to ask him all the questions that I needed to know? What if I missed something? What if he tried to tell me something important and I didn’t understand  the meaning of it? What if i misdiagnosed him? Those are but a few of the fears and questions that ravaged through my head when the nurse was briefing me about the case before i enter the patient’s room. Luckily, my patient had an interpreter come along with him, so it definitely made things easier.

 I have to admit though, I was incredibly jealous! It was the first time ever that i feel such tranquility, and serenity. I entered the room like a ball of nerves, and left with a feeling as though I have been to a distant spa for weeks. 

That patient taught me so much that night… He taught me that I don’t need all my senses to be happy and serene, that life’s chaotic rush is pointless, and that there is actually such magnetic beauty in the calm.. I am usually a very noisy and active person when it comes to my work, not to mention that my patients are not usually the calm type either. I mean have you ever worked with children and teenagers? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do.. it is the most amazing job ever, the situations I am faced with and the ability to help a sick child and see him or her get better is simply surreal, but it is lot’s of work as well. Physically and emotionally. 

It’s ironic how it only took a quick 15 minutes encounter with that particular patient yesterday to shift my whole beliefs, and to make me decide to slow down my life’s pace, and breath. Oh, and to learn sign language! That will definitely be one of my steps to Wonderland.. 

5 thoughts on “Serenity..

  1. It’s wonderful when people show us that special, immediate sense of serenity — I say ‘show’ as oppose to ‘give’, as I think the serenity’s there within us, of course, but it takes the right perspective to bring it out.
    Lovely story. 🙂

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  2. A beautiful story. I’d love to say that it is truly a satisfying job to help sick people. I love watching doctors and nurses providing treatment to their patient and thought of become one rather than be a miner. Not too late but yep thanks Yara23 for sharing that wonderful story.


    1. You’re welcome, and it is never too late 😊 It is actually an incredibly satisfying and amazing job, but it does not come without it’s heartaches and difficulties..


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