While roaming through the news feed today, I came across an incredibly outrageous statement made by a politician during the European parliament debate on the gender pay gap. The title read  ” ‘Women must earn less than men’ Polish politician says “. At first, I thought it was an impractical joke of a title, a way to attract more readers perhaps, but the feminist in me wanted to see if there was any truth to that.

The shock that filled me while watching the video from that debate was so inexplicable. I mean it is the 21st century! I never thought that men in that political position, with such power over the beliefs and actions of so many, would say such horrendous things!

That Polish politician was arguing for the gender pay gap to keep on existing, if not increase even more.. and his argument?

And of course women must earn less than men, because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent, and they must earn less. That’s all. – Janusz Korwen-Mikke MEP Poland

Where is the logic or common sense in his line of thoughts?? Women are weaker, smaller, and less intelligent, thus, they should be payed less. Wow! That must have taken him so much strenuous brain activity to come up with. I can not but congratulate you Mr Korwen-Mikke… You have just showed the 7.5 billion breathing persons on earth what intelligence truly means. I just feel sorry for all those lost neurons of yours.

While at it, let’s put women back were they belong.. kitchens.. right??

Do you not see all those amazing females working their heads off, even more than some men actually, just to prove to some macho XY person that they are worth the equal pay and equal rights?

The world would be such a better place without your incredibly intelligent brain cells Mr Korwen-Mikke pulling us back to old old times!

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