Whenever people know that I am trilingual, they seem impressed, but deep down I feel like there is nothing to it really. If anything, I always dream of being able to speak so many more languages to be able to impress myself. I was born in a country where it is quite normal that you hear 3 different languages in the same sentence, English, Arabic, and French… I was born in Lebanon. You are not considered better or more knowledgable if you are able to speak all 3, you are just a normal everyday Lebanese.

Since I was a little girl, I always dreamt of being able to master all those ‘complicated’ and weird languages, and become smarter and smarter in the process. I could only hope that that day is near.

I was thinking about this topic today… what languages I would like to learn if given the opportunity, and that is what came to mind…

  1. German and eventually Swiss GermanThis particular language is essential for me since I am living in Switzerland. I am currently living in the French speaking part, given that I know French pretty well, but I would like to keep all my options open for later with respect to where I would settle.. Funny enough, I think it is one of the most challenging languages to learn. It has all those different pronunciations and vocabulary that is similar to none, and yes, it does sound very rough and strict. But hey, I do love a challenge!
  2. ItalianI find it to be pure music to my ears. Its so smooth and full of rhythm. I would definitely want to learn it for the love of the sounds it makes, and the tonality with which it’s spoken. Oh and I could never forget the hand gesture that goes with it *brings together the first 3 fingers of the hand, and gestures up and down*.
  3. GaelicThis is the language native to Scotland, and given how I am currently ‘obsessing’ with this beautiful part of the world, I would love to learn their language one day. I think it would be a challenge too, since it sounds like nothing else, but I do not think the pronounciations of some letter combinations would be any trouble.. I mean I speak Arabic..the language that is incredibly complicated and full of weird letters and sounds.

I do hope that I will get to start my journey towards the step 3 to wonderland soon.. I need to make time for it!

Till then.. fingers crossed..

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