The journey of my past begins…

I have always been interested in everything even remotely related to history and culture, but I never gave much thought to how, and if, I wanted to figure out my own. I have absolutely no idea why. The slap in the face, so to speak,  was when I read a comment posted here on the blog about my incline towards Scotland, saying that if I went back in my family tree, I might find some links tying me to that place. Honestly, I have no idea what my family tree looks like past my grand-parents’ generation, though I realised, I would love to know more.

With only my paternal grandmother still alive, and the sad fact that I don’t get to see her except for a few days a year, I never got the chance to ask the ‘elders of the family’ if they knew anything about our ancestors, and how they migrated and settled in Lebanon, the country I was born in.

Recently though, I read an article about someone who underwent DNA testing, and how the results showed certain ancestral links and profiles.. and it got me thinking.. why don’t I do the exact same thing? So I started doing my usual digging, reading, and searching in order to understand how the whole ‘ancestry kit’ worked, and that is where I came across the National Geographic Geno 2.0 Next Generation.


The idea of being able to know more about my ‘thousands of years’ ancestry  and their migration patterns on our planet is so captivating, and so I decided to go for it.

I received the kit just today, and was so impatient to do the swabs and send them back immediately. I simply can not describe the excitement I felt when I left the post office in the afternoon. In a few weeks, I will finally get an idea about my ancestors, how they migrated, and my links, if I have any, to other countries and continents, and that by itself is magical..

Fingers crosses..


4 thoughts on “The journey of my past begins…

      1. Haha, right!
        Well, this waiting time will be the worst part of it. I hope it passes quick!
        By the way, from chats I’ve had, everyone I’ve known who’s researched their ancestry has felt enriched by the knowledge — no matter where they came from, originally. 🙂

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