March the 8th…

For many of the inhabitants of planet earth, today was like any other day; they woke up in the morning, headed for work quite robotically on a Wednesday morning, did what they had to do, and then headed back home…

This particular day had a different taste for me. For starters, I woke up after only 3 hours of sleep, ironically full of energy and excitement. Let me just out and tell you now how I am NOT a morning person, but today was different. Today is March the 8th… International women’s day.

This is the day where we remember all the sacrifices made by fellow females over the years, their shedded tears, their laughs, and all the injustice they had to endure in order to pave the way for the modern 21st century ‘XX chromosomes’ carriers.

It is also the day to rejoice by all the success, freedom and happiness women are able to enjoy nowadays, be it in the midst of their family, or at their job.

To think that not so many years ago, women were not allowed to give their opinion, let alone have a job outside the walls of their home. I mean a woman was considered useless if she didn’t ‘provide’ children, preferably males to take on the husband’s family name. If only the men from back in the days would see how we are thriving in the 21st century.

I won’t ramble on a lot, but it is just a very special day for me. I do wish a very happy women’s day to all the lovely, and hard working ladies in my life, and I would like to congratulate them on simply being THEM. I would also like to thank the ’21st century minded’ men, for being so encouraging and present in the women’s fight to equality, and in helping us get to where we are today.

A shout out for my husband as well, for being the most awesome man ever to be able to put up with such a stubborn, and crazy feminist.



2 thoughts on “March the 8th…

  1. Hehehe with a lovely wife as you , I don’t have much of a choice ;p
    Happy to be by your side and will always support you because i know the unlimited potential you have and I admire that
    Happy IWD to you my love :*

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