For some time now, my vacations have been going in one of two ways:

1)  one on one quality time with my kick ass husband, mostly doing outdoor activities, or some sort of sport..

2) the most hectic weeks with the loudest people on earth, that spend 80% of their time eating, also called my Lebanese family..

I have always welcomed with open arms any one of those two types of ‘breath of fresh air’, but this time, it was different.. I was heading to Lebanon with my husband, not knowing what huge change  this week was going to bring us.

This trip started off like all its predecessors, with a lot of food.. I think people in my family believe that the intensity of their care and love is directly proportional to how much they feed us. The only down side is how delicious the food here is! It is just very hard to refuse. My body has become conditioned to know that it is time to put on the extra 2-3kgs in the waist area the moment I set foot on Lebanese soil.

The first big change that came our way was in the form of an apartment. Honestly, we never thought that there will come a day when we would buy a property in Lebanon, given that we don’t live there anymore, but when the opportunity came knocking on our door, we simply couldn’t say no. It still won’t change anything with respect to our frequency of trips to Lebanon, but at least now we have a place we could call our own.

The next big shock was my little sister. In my head, I have always considered her as the ‘forever little one’, and that it is impossible for her to grow up.. Do not ask me why.. Oh boy was I mistaken! I have seen her go from a tiny pain in the ass brat, to a mature young woman overnight! The funny thing in all that is how much I see me in her.. It’s like she is my very own ‘Mini me’ *gestures with pinkie finger over the lower lip*, and that makes my heart grow to gigantic sizes!!

My trip to Lebanon is still far from over, so God knows what more surprises are in store for me..

Fingers crossed..

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