Vacation over…

‘Time flies by so quickly’ is a saying I’ve been hearing, and actually living for some time now, but what I have yet to learn is that this same time flight comes with a nitro boost… à la ‘Fast and Furious’!

It feels just like yesterday that I was landing in Lebanon, kicking off the start of my short, but awaited vacation. I am currently writing this blog from an incredibly overpriced café in the departing area of the Lebanese airport, with a bittersweet feeling occupying my heart. So many good, and happy things happened during this week, but I was also reminded of all the reasons why the Lebanese people are stressed and angry most of the time.

I can’t wait to not have to be stuck in a traffic that feels like an eternity… or to have to drive like some barbaric being with no road safety regulations to follow, which, truth be told, is the ‘normalized’ way to drive in that part of the world. I am so looking forward to not having to deal with people that think they are above the law for reasons that escape me. Oh how I will not miss having to deal with employees in governmental institutions, who suck the life out of you, and drag you to the edge of the cliff of your patience and maybe even push you over, if they feel like it, every time you need any document.

Trust me, there are so many more things that I am more than happy to leave behind… but what tips the scale in the direction of me feeling a kind of bitterness, whenever I am in that overpriced café, is my family. They are the ‘reason for the season’ so to speak. I would not have went back to visit so often if it wasn’t for them… I would not have bought a summerhouse in Lebanon, which I won’t use except for a few weeks a year, if it wasn’t for them… They are the loudest, most annoying people you can ever encounter, but they are also the sweetest, and most kind hearted people on the planet; I love them with every cell in my body, and am proud to call them my family. It pains my heart every time I have to leave. The thought of something happening to any member of the family, with me so far away, worries me day in and day out, but it is a choice I have to live with I guess.

On that note, it’s time to board the plane.

Till next time…

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