Recently, a ban on electronics was able to see the light of day; it is now impossible to travel to certain countries with a laptop or tablet if the flight is departing from Mediterranean countries. As much as I understand the motifs behind such a ban, I also find it hilarious… I mean have you ever been on a plane? There is a number of passengers that are sleeping, while others are on their laptops, or tablets… especially during very long flights.

It is funny to think how the passengers, that are usually focused on their electronic devices, are going to spend their precious flight time à la ‘pre-tech’ era…

Here are some ideas that came to my mind..

  1. Read a book…
    This is usually what I do.. but then again, I am such a bookworm.
  2. Admire the views of from the plane window… be it clouds, sea, or ground.
    That is exactly why I prefer window seats..
  3. Contemplate on life in general, and yours in particular…
  4.  Make a list of the things you would like to change, keep, or improve in your life…
  5. Stretch, and walk if you like, for a little while…
    Get the blood flowing..
  6. Try to pick a show, or a movie to watch..
    I spend so much more time trying to choose, than actually watching…
  7. Take a nap
    I know.. it is not the most comfortable thing to do, and I usually wake up with the worse neck pain ever, even with the fluffy neck cushion..
  8. Have a discussion with the person next to you..
    I have always had my husband as the passenger next to me, so it is pretty easy to ‘converse’.. but I do recommend trying to get to know the person next to you.. He/she might be dying for a conversation as well..what with the no electronics and all..
  9. Make a list of the things to do when you reach your destination..
    All the places to visit, things to see, and experience…
  10. Read the plane menu flyer over and over..
  11. Look at your watch and try to calculate the remaining time of flight.. and then check the flight progress on the plane screen to see if you were right..
  12. Curse yourself for not being rich enough to get business class tickets, with all the comfortable seats, and leg spaces…
  13. Promise yourself you will work incredibly hard to be able to fly business class..


Do you have any other ideas about how to pass time on such flights?

In the meantime… Enjoy



4 thoughts on “Back to pre-tech era… 13 things to do on long flights..

  1. Yes indeed the phone would do just fine.. then again we’re so much dependent on technology and social media that a few hours flight with rest, meditation,reading a book or actually interacting with people around us would be a good idea.. And this whole issue should be the trigger to make us question how much we’re indulged in the world of technology and forgetting to enjoy the real life..

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    1. I guess you have a point.. but a lot of people are using the electronic devices to finish work related things, or to watch a movie or something they have already downloaded, that the plane does not have in its library..


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