Big children…

Tonight, while out for dinner with my husband, good friends of ours, who are married, and also happen to be our neighbours, and the nephew of our female friend (I am guessing he is around 7-8 years old), a very funny observation was made.  That same female friend and I noticed how our men, who might I add are 32 and 30 years old respectively, were quite similar on so many levels with the little kid who was with us.
It was very interesting to see how in tune they still are with their inner child, and how us, their wives never correlated their actions with that. It’s like they are little children in the bodies of big men… in the best way possible!
We even tried to come up with the examples of similarities… that got us smiling because it was so true, but at the same time, made us so jealous.. we grew up way to fast…

Here is what we came to our mind:

  1. Colour coordination.. simply inexistent
    I don’t know if it just my husband, or it is actually something common in men worldwide… but it has been almost 6 years and the half of me colour coordinating his clothes.. In his head it is quite simple.. a shirt, some pants, comfortable shoes..and BAM.. ready to take on the day… why complicate things?
    Have you ever tried to talk to, or get the attention of a man playing any sort of video game? Trust me it will be an utter failure!
    I actually remember one time my husband was playing an online playstation game with his neighbour friend, and I woke up to his ‘excited’ shouts.. I went into the living room to wish him good morning.. guess what I got in return? A simple head nod to acknowledge my presence and to tell me that he is concentrated on the game. A few minutes later, the round was over, and he told his friend ‘my wife is awake, we’ll resume this some other time’. I still laugh when I remember this, because it was not done out of disrespect… he really had the face of a young boy, with eyes so wide and glowing, entirely immersed in something and torn between being an adult, or just giving in to the inner child.
  3. Their love for a challenge
    Every single thing in life is a challenge for them.. Battle field mode! They really consider that any game is played to be won.. what the hell is the meaning of fun if you don’t win? Right?
    I can not but respect their alpha manly attitudes when it comes to just anything… but sometimes it gets so hilarious..
  4. Incapacity to multitask
    It is just impossible for them to be able to focus on more than one thing at a time. I believe that this is a shared quality within men. The pros and cons are still debatable, but yea.. I do see the benefits of doing 1 thing at a time, and perfectly might I add.
  5. You can never give them enough TLC
    This one is my favourite..
    Oh.. TLC stands for tender love and care.
    Like children, they need to feel the excess love and affection.. it makes them feel like they are the most important people in all galaxies..
    It is my favourite because I simply love to show my man how much he means to me.. and that he truly is the center of my universe..

On the other hand, when times get rough, or when something is up.. they are able to shift and become the most mature adults you can ever meet. Our solid rocks!

From experience though, life never gets boring with this type of man.. I could have never asked or dreamed of a better combination of personalities..

Cheers to every man out there that is but a child in a grown up’s body.



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