For the past month, my little sister has been staying with me in Lausanne.. summer vacation and what not… and by ‘little’ I mean a 16 year old with an appetite for life. The only set back is that I have not had a ‘summer vacation’ in almost 8 years. I do get the ‘1 week at a time vacation’, or the occasional few days off after night shifts, but nothing long enough to be able to enjoy a decent ‘faraway destination’ vacation style.

Lucky enough for my sister, who was starting to get bored with Lausanne and the surroundings, I got a few days off (4 in total), and so, as an incredibly last minute idea, we decided to go spend them in Prague… Boy was that a wonderful choice we made!

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am a ‘medieval era’ fanatic, with an immense interest in anything that embodies history…
I also love Christmas, a nice cup of coffee (Starbucks caramel macchiato is my favourite), and a good read.
Well, I can only say that I was in heaven whilst in Prague!

From the old town square, to the famous Charles bridge, the Prague castle with the majestic St. Vitus Cathedral, and all the cobblestone streets.. I was simply in love!


958C7808-8B41-4048-85F8-A705FB3414F2The church of Our Lady before Tyn in the old town square.


IMG_1627The view from the tower of St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague castle.


2B3315DF-543B-4A65-BC69-55C1039C8F9FStarbucks with a view at the Prague castle (yeehee! that was one of my favourite moments in that awesome city).


396AA440-FE74-4C97-8592-C89549E6B8F8Yup.. your eyes are not deceiving you.. It is an actual Christmas shop, open all year round, inside the Prague castle walls. And yes, I was squealing and jumping around like a little child when I saw that shop…


Gothic entrance, and 2 of the many stained glass windows of the St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague castle.


23CB8CCF-EACD-4879-9D85-2401B27745D6View from one corner of the Tower of the St. Nicholas church. You can actually see the enormous number of people walking around the Charles bridge.

IMG_1420Trdelnik, a sweet bohemian snack.. A must when in Prague!
It is a actually a rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, and then grilled. En suite, it is topped with sugar and walnuts. There is a variety of fillings that you can choose from… I tried the eggnog filling (my favourite snack since then.. it is what I was having in that photo), and pistachio cream (it was good, but not WOW). My sister tried chocolate, which she adored, and vanilla ice cream.

I think it is quite obvious how almost everything I like was present in one place… I would definitely be going back again.. SOON I hope…

To all of you who are pondering the idea of visiting ‘my new favourite’ city.. You will be doing A LOT of walking while there.. so do not forget some comfortable shoes.

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