This morning, on the 19th of August 2017, the Lebanese army launched the operation “dawn of the mountains”, which is practically an assault against the Daesh terrorists who are still occupying part of our northern-eastern lands (mostly in Ras Baalbak  and Qaa).

This operation was announced by the Lebanese army commander-in-chief, general Joseph Aoun.

In the name of Lebanon, the kidnapped Lebanese army soldiers, the blood of our martyrs, and in the name of our great Lebanese army heroes.. I declare the start of operation ‘dawn of the mountains’.


Our hearts, minds, and prayers are all with our brave soldiers that are risking everything, including their lives, in order to ensure a better protected and safe Lebanon from the threat that is ‘Daesh’.

A tweet by the Lebanese army official account depicting the advancements on the territories occupied by the Daesh terrorists.

The Lebanese army holds a very dear place in my heart, not only because I am Lebanese, which, trust me, is enough on its own, but because I also had the privilege of being born into a military family. My father is actually a general in that said army, so you could imagine all the fiery love and respect I have for those men in the Leaf (ERDL) pattern uniforms.
Every person has a hero he looks up to.. be it Superman.. Wonder Woman.. Batman.. Spiderman… you name it…
Well mine is the Lebanese army!


The Lebanese army logo and slogan: Honour. Sacrifice. Loyalty.

May God protect you.. our brave heroes! And may you come back safely to us!

#dawn_of_the_mountains  #فجرالجرود

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