International women’s day ❤️

Happy international women’s day to every single ‘XX’ human being on our planet earth. A special thought goes to female surgeons who are working and fighting hard to mark their place in a workplace considered mostly for ‘men’. I know firsthand how difficult and demanding it is. ‘Here’s to strong women. May we know them,…Read more »

Stay Strong! 

I woke up today to the news of a new London attack… Several innocent people were killed, and many more injured… It broke my heart.. just like everytime I hear of a new attack, my heart shatters… Beirut, London, Paris, Nice, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Iraq… and many many more cities and countries, too numerous to count,…Read more »

Big children…

Tonight, while out for dinner with my husband, good friends of ours, who are married, and also happen to be our neighbours, and the nephew of our female friend (I am guessing he is around 7-8 years old), a very funny observation was made.  That same female friend and I noticed how our men, who might…Read more »

Tales from the ER…

I have found it quite helpful talking about my work experiences; on one hand, it feels like I am sharing part of my joy, or burden… it depends… on the other, I’m portraying what kind of world we are living in… the good and the bad. I am still devastated, and yet completely outraged from…Read more »