International women’s day ❤️

Happy international women’s day to every single ‘XX’ human being on our planet earth. A special thought goes to female surgeons who are working and fighting hard to mark their place in a workplace considered mostly for ‘men’. I know firsthand how difficult and demanding it is. ‘Here’s to strong women. May we know them,…Read more »


For some time now, my vacations have been going in one of two ways: 1)  one on one quality time with my kick ass husband, mostly doing outdoor activities, or some sort of sport.. 2) the most hectic weeks with the loudest people on earth, that spend 80% of their time eating, also called my…Read more »

March the 8th…

For many of the inhabitants of planet earth, today was like any other day; they woke up in the morning, headed for work quite robotically on a Wednesday morning, did what they had to do, and then headed back home… This particular day had a different taste for me. For starters, I woke up after…Read more »

The irony of life

Today, at work, we had a patient’s case presented to us, for educational purposes. I have already been faced with sad, and ugly situations before, but this.. oh this beats them all. It was a case of a very aggressive brain tumor in a 9 year old child. That particular tumor is known to be…Read more »